Make a Professional Movie with Your Digital Video Camcorder


Only DV may also be a good director!

Many DV enthusiasts are complaint about this the videos they shot do not like a film while others can perform it well especially the award-winning works. In fact, you cannot make your movie like 2012 however, you will make it similar to a movie. Below are my strategies for you.

ซุปเปอร์ ดราก้อนบอล hero of Field

Many people using close focal length (even wide-angle) to acquire a big depth of field screen, though the big screen makes your images look very flat, a large screen also makes your image stiff. You can shot with telephoto and low depth of field to square out of the purpose through the background. Use telephoto (you could make your camera as further as you can) to lessen the depth of field to enable you to buy the cinematic effect.


Lighting is just about the most considerations you should do. Many people do not think highly in the lights or completely use the light of scene light. It makes things easier but also worse. You should have an idea of lighting design and distinct light efficient before shooting. Do remember to build your DV “film look” on. (Lighting is an art of shooting; you will find more detail in other piece of mine)


Sharpness is one from the purposes why your shots look bad and stiff. The edge of object and part of the screen always too obvious, the reason is that the CCD is dependant on each row and each row of pixels (dots) imaging while film particles is the chemical reaction in the photosensitive emulsion.

DV camera possesses his own default sharpness settings, increase sharpness similar to a video screen. Go to the settings and adjust all options that may lessen the sharpness, different machines have different alternatives. It is worthy to mention is the fact that SONY DV has got the biggest sharpness. Lower sharpness forces you to shoot more harmony, you can even give a soft lens to your lens.

Too much scatter will make your screen look unnatural. Take more exercise, you will find the the best option.

Shutter speedMany persons want to let their machine’s shutter speed default. Most from the camera automatically adjusts in 1/125 of your second, helping to make your image stiff because every frame is clear.

As the reason of 24 frames shooting and shutter speed, the movie looks fuzzy, so adjust the shutter speed to 1/30 second. This also brings a obvious shortcoming: the movement of your screen may lead to drag edge.

Color balance

As we all know, large of DV camera is often a pair of mechanical, you will need to adjust the white balance when light conditions change. Movie film relies upon the green, blue, or perhaps red, instead of a simple white.

You can also follow the example from the movie: using other colors to modify the white balance. You may have know that adjust the white balance screen with blue will produce orange or red hue, which has a pink adjust the screen can have a blue hue. Try more, there is the one you may need.

Color saturation can be an important aspect. You can try out one of the best results by adjusting the saturation.

After reading the tips above, you might have more interests in shooting a fresh DV. Just try, you will need more practice. The most common storing format of DV camcorders are AVI, DV, MTS, and TOD. So if you want to make your video similar to a movie, you may need to edit them in a professional video editor (Windows Movie Maker, or FCP). But sometime video compatible is a problem, for instance, you may have to convert avi to mpeg with avi to mpeg converter. Many useful tools can be found online.