Body Of Lies – A Full Movie Review


Body Of Lies is a relatively recent film which was directed by Ridley Scott and starred Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe. These two characters were in partnership for your CIA and were to blame for bringing to justice a Middle-Eastern terrorist leader who had previously been terrorising many elements of the world. So how good was this movie overall?

Well what I liked about this film was that the plot wasn’t overly complicated. Unlike lots of spy thrillers it was a breeze to follow along with and it turned out compelling at the same time. Leonardo Di Caprio plays fault Roger Ferris, an ambitious young CIA agent that’s quickly setting up a term for himself and is also quickly rising from the ranks in the CIA, well on his way to reaching the superior.

Ferris is termed upon to mastermind the undoing from the tyrant leader. This, however, is easier said than actually doing it because his organization have completely disappeared from the US intelligence’s radar. So it is left to Ferris to discover and infiltrate this terrorist and his awesome organization through the ground.

He’s not the only one though. ซีรี่ย์จีน , called Ed Hoffman and played by Russell Crowe, is there to guide him, although it’s really a strained and somewhat awkward relationship. Hoffman is cool and measured about a minute and utterly ruthless another and it’s an appealing relationship relating to the two lead characters because they are both power-hungry, particularly Hoffman.

As well as being a central plot which takes Ferris all around the planet, there’s also a romantic angle, although this is somewhat underplayed, and maybe might have been developed further. There is also a good exchange between him and another intelligence agent within the Middle East, played by Mark Strong.

So overall I think Body Of Lies has plenty to keep you entertained. It’s not one from the all-time classic spy thrillers by any means and also the plot is fairly basic, nevertheless the action scenes are wonderful as well as the performances by Crowe and Di Caprio were decent at the same time. Body Of Lies might not live long inside memory nevertheless, you will probably enjoy watching it to begin with.